Learn how to structure your Flutter project to build scalable, maintainable and testable projects. During the course, you will learn Learn about State Management with the BLoC Pattern, and Navigation with GoRouter by building a social media app with Flutter using Clean Architecture

What is Clean Architecture?

Clean Architecture is a software design principle based on Uncle Bob's book “A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design”. Based on this approach, we should design applications that keep the core business logic and the application domain at the center of the solution and, at the same time, separate from the delivery mechanism.

Break down features into three layers

Understand the role and the responsibilities of the Domain, the Data and the Presentation layer. During the course, we'll break down each feature into these three layers.

Rules & Core Logic

Domain Layer

Governs business logic and rules, encapsulates all entities, value objects, and domain events related to business use cases.

Storage, databases & APIs

Data Layer

Manages data persistence, APIs, and data caching. Transforms data into the format needed for the domain and presentation layers


Presentation Layer

Interfaces with users through UI. Transforms domain data into view data, and handles user actions, inputs, and screen navigation.

Dive Into Real-World App Features

Throughout the course, we will build a social media app by following the Clean Architecture principles. We will also apply a feature-first approach as the social media app will have four separate features.

User Authentication

Securely manage user identities with the implementation of sign-up, login and logout

Social Media Feed

Create a dynamic feed where users can view video-based content from other users.

Chat & Messaging

Develop a user-friendly chat system, enabling communication between users.

Content Upload & Creation

Allow users to share their moments, learning how to handle video uploads.

What's included?

The course is made of five sections. After the course introduction, each section is dedicated to the development of one specific feature of the application using Clean Architecture

1.0 Course Introduction
2.0 Feature: Authentication
3.0 Feature: Feed
4.0 Feature: Content
5.0 Feature: Chat

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